" As an Image Consultant and «Mumpreneur», I've dedicated my life to aesthetics, ethics, and fostering self-confidence. "

My journey led me to challenge standardized beauty norms and seek products that celebrate the real person that I am.

 Being a 53-year-old woman with dark skin and high standards for quality, I felt the need to create something that truly resonated with me.

 This gave birth to QUEEN C COSMETICS, a vegan, highly pigmented, and environmentally-conscious makeup brand. I founded this brand with the profound belief that each person deserves to feel beautiful and be the best version of themselves.

 Makeup has the power to enhance the unique beauty in everyone, and this notion guides every product we create.

 Beyond being just a makeup line, QUEEN C COSMETICS is a Queendom for those who want to stand out, who reject predetermined norms, and who embrace their individuality.

Our Values

Freedom – Authenticity – Self-Confidence – Ethics – Quality – Individuality – Innovation – Environmental Commitment – Community

 At QUEEN C COSMETICS, we take great pride in our values of freedom, inclusivity, and independence. In our realm, individuals are diverse and free to adorn themselves with makeup as they please.

Our high-quality, intensely pigmented, and long-lasting products cater to all skin tones, from the darkest to the fairest. Furthermore, we hold it paramount to craft makeup that is respectful of the environment.

 QUEEN C COSMETICS advocates for all freedoms and expressions of beauty, in all forms. Our vision is to celebrate the queen in all her dimensions, to empower HER/HIM, and to make HER/HIM feel more confident through HER/HIS makeup.

Our Mission

Nowadays, the expression of our PASSION is paramount. The pursuit of authenticity and the significance of inclusivity are more vibrant than ever. It is this reality that has inspired the birth of our environmentally-conscious makeup brand, a brand that makes no compromises and celebrates every individuality.

 We have chosen to honor all skin tones, those with high melanin content or unique pigmentation, by creating a range of products specially designed to enhance their beauty. Guided by our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we offer shades that reflect the richness of each complexion.

 At QUEEN C COSMETICS, our mission is to empower everyone to express themselves confidently and embrace their true nature. Together, we are crafting a realm where each face finds its radiance, where diversity is celebrated, and where beauty unveils itself in all its forms, with products that are vegan and natural.

Cruelty free

No animal testing.


No animal-derived ingredients.

Eco friendly

Environmentally responsible.

Our Vision

Through our passion, we pave a path towards a world of authenticity and inclusion. In our QUEENDOM, every individual, regardless of their skin tone or identity, is valued and celebrated. The unique beauty of each becomes a treasure magnified by our high-quality, highly pigmented products.

At QUEEN C COSMETICS, we envision a universe where self-confidence naturally flourishes, authenticity reigns, and diversity is the norm. Our vision extends to nature, with products that are respectful and vegan, harmonizing beauty and the environment.

Join us in this quest, where every face radiates with confidence, where every individual is embraced, and where beauty shines in all its glory. Together, we are building a reality where our vision thrives, and each person writes their own chapter in the dazzling story of QUEEN C COSMETICS.

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